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Welcome to New Taj Mahal Restaurant where we offer you a unique experience of tasting authentic Indian food and flavor. We have a huge selection of Southern and Northern Indian dishes. Most South Indian dishes are prepared to accompany the region’s staple food, rice. For that reason, strong flavors such as the coriander and cumin powders and various masalas are avoided. Ingredients such as mustard, cumin and fenugreek seeds, along with green chilies and curry leaves lend their subtle flavors to most vegetable dishes. On the other hand, non-vegetarian dishes include tandoori chicken (chicken marinated in spices and cooked in a clay oven), butter chicken, chicken tikka, and lamb, goat & beef preparations that come from Mughal traditions.

Fish is also a common ingredient in eastern and western Indian dishes, owing to their proximity to the ocean. We also have several seafood dishes such as Shrimp, Salmon & Hilsa by which we prepare different curry and tandoori dishes. Chutneys are a prominent side dish in our cuisine, served along with the main dishes as you prefer them. Our dishes do not contain MSG, and the ingredients we use are completely Halal. Please give us a try, and your visit will be rewarded.

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